quantum computing

Q&A: Seth Lloyd

A pioneer of quantum computing believes the universe is a quantum computer.


A Digital Perspective

A Digital Perspective and the Quest for Substrate-Universal BehaviorsTommaso Toffoli Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MassachusettsAbstract Should the Digital Perspective essays collected in these proceedings be viewed more seriously than attempts to play ldquofundamental theoryrdquo—which even in the hands of an Eddington was hard to tell from mythology and numerology?We argue that a nonfrivolous aspect of this Digital Perspective is its heuristic capacity: to help us guess which aspects of our understanding of nature are more ldquouniversal,rdquo more robust, more likely to survive theoretical and experimental challenges. Behaviors that are substrate-independent—that can, for instance, thrive well on a digital support, even though they are traditionally imagined as taking place in a continuum—are especially promising candidates.digital models of physics – inference – machinery of nature

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Das war schon immer meine Idee, endlich schreibt einmal einer darüber – toll

Listen to podcasts in half the time

There are ways to save your time on listening to podcast – either not listen to it at all, or make it play faster – Nev shares his tips on saving time on listening to podcast, by increasing the playback speed on Windows Media Player:

“So, how do you listen to podcasts faster?”

The answer: use software that can alter the speed of playback, along with pitch correction. The cool thing about pitch correction is that it enables you to speed up audio without everyone sounding like chipmunks on helium.

I’ve tried a bunch of things (detailed below) and the best software I’ve found for doing this so far is Windows Media Player. Since version 9, WMP has contained an option called “Play Speed Settings“. Go to the View menu, Enhancements submenu and select Play Speed Settings. You’ll now see a slider that can alter the playback speed. Simply slide it around to change the speed on the fly.

At first, and depending on the people speaking, you may only be able to handle a 1.4x speedup. Try that and then, as you listen, gradually ramp up the speed. In no time you should find listening at 2x is quite easily understandable! It only took me one 30 minute podcast to ramp up to this doubling in speed and find it comfortable.

Also iPod has similar option for audiobook in the option menu. You probably need to get used to the speed. Though after a while your ear and brain should get used to the brain and find it digestible and comfortable.

Listen to podcasts in half the time – [Nev’s blog]

Webdesign Tutorials

Im Web steckt ein enormes Potential an Kreativität und Kommunikation. Wenn Sie mit einer eigenen Website dieses Potential nutzen möchten, helfen Ihnen diese Tutorials weiter.

Ein thematischer Schwerpunkt sind Cascading Style Sheets, mit denen sich visuell anspruchsvolle Sites verwirklichen lassen, die gleichzeitig leicht zu warten sind. Viele reizvolle Effekte lassen sich schon mit wenig Aufwand und einem bisschen Know-How verwirklichen.

Einfachen Text in XHTML übersetzen


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A Humane Web Text Generator

what does it do?

Quick block modifiers:
Header: hn.
Blockquote: bq.
Footnote: fnn.
Numeric list: #
Bulleted list: *

Quick phrase modifiers:
-deleted text-
+inserted text+

To apply attributes:

To align blocks:
< right
> left
= center
<> justify

To insert a table:

To insert a link:

To insert an image:

To define an acronym:
ABC(Always Be Closing)

To reference a footnote:

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