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GDer Jammer mit der Menschheit ist, dass die Narren so selbstsicher sind und die Gescheiten so voller Zweifel… (Zitat: Bertrand Russell, Bertrand 3. Earl of Russell, brit. Mathematiker u. Philosoph, 1950 Nobelpreis für Literatur, 1872 – 1970)
Ein Mensch, der seine Arbeit liebt, wird niemals alt… (Zitat: Pablo Casals, span. Cellist, Komponist u. Dirigent, 1876 – 1973)

All the good stuff is on other blogs

I am now permanently addicted to Google Reader and am not using other news aggregators anymore. Why? Keyboard shortcuts. J, J, J, K, Shift-S, J, J, J, Shift-S. Also because I got a Mac and a Windows machine now and it’s just easier to use a Web browser to read feeds (and I’m not so anal about reading feeds on planes anymore).

Google Reader brings me a “river” of latest items that I use keyboard shortcuts to go through. It’s much faster to read feeds this way. I just wish they would allow me to see the river full screen and get rid of the list of blogs I’m subscribed to. Once I’m subscribed I don’t care anymore.

What did I just “Shift-S”? You can read my link blog to see. But the last thing is a TechCrunch post, which shows that Google has a full-size replica of SpaceShipOne and are putting it in their building 43.

That reminds me. This week coming up is Blog Business Summit week and there’s a few things that people who are visiting Seattle should go and see.

1) Museum of Flight.
2) Seattle Library.
3) The 747 plant. (Largest building in the world by volume).
4) First Starbucks.

Anyway, all the cool stuff is on other blogs. J J J J J J J J…


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