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The Academic Blog Portal

The Academic Blog Portal

Welcome to the main portal page for the academic blogs wiki. Brad DeLong has described the academic blogosphere as a kind of Invisible College – this site is supposed to help make the College a little more visible to itself and its readers. It is a work in progress and will remain that way. It draws on updated information from (a) the Crooked Timber academic blogroll, (b) Cliopatria’s list of history weblogs and (c) Daniel Solove’s Law Professor Blogger Census. With the exception of a few pages (including this one), it is freely modifiable, so that users can themselves add blogs and other forms of content that may be useful to academic bloggers and academics academics more generally. Before modifying the contents of this wiki in any way, you should consult the Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unfamiliar with how to change wikis, consult the basic directions, and, for more advanced topics, Wikipedia’s detailed editing FAQ (this wiki is based on Mediawiki, the underlying platform for Wikipedia). At the moment, you can edit most pages anonymously – this may be changed in the future if it’s necessary to prevent spamming etc. You can however create a personal ID to keep track of your changes etc. No personal information beyond a working email address is required to generate this ID.


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