Zap – Hype pur – aber zurecht

The ‘Net is Buzzin’ About Zap Reader!

I know—the title of this post sounds kind of like it’s about a giant bug zapper. I have been totally amazed at how much buzz this little idea called Zap Reader has generated. We are just in the 4th day after the public launch of the Zap Reader Beta and it has already been listed at LifeHacker, Digg, made the most popular list, received two Honors at YouTube, has been mentioned in dozens of blogs and news sites around the world (I wish could mention them all), and I could continue going on and on…

It is so incredibly humbling to realize that this one little idea has touched so many people in such a positive way. I must admit though, that I’ve spent far too much time over the last few days reading what everyone else is saying about it when I should have been coding new features and enhancements. I guess that I can only compare it to relaxing on the front porch after a hard days work and listening to the mosquitos being zapped by a bug zapper. ) If you aren’t one of us North Carolina rednecks, you probably didn’t get that last joke. Trust me. It’s funny.

Perhaps the single most wonderful thing to me is the community that is growing in the Zap Reader Forum. People are sharing ideas and concepts and I’m making new friends along the way.

I really do appreciate everything that everyone around the globe has expressed about this project. You are what is making Zap Reader great!


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