Open Registration now at claimID with OpenID

It’s finally live and I’d like to take this opportunity to announce we’re leaving our beloved beta.

Our registration form is now ready and willing to take your information and create a new claimID account. Come on in.

However, if you already have an OpenID account somewhere else on the web (LiveJournal, MyOpenID, Verisign’s PIP, etc.), you can create an account here without needing a password. We’ll still need to verify your email address – but passwords? So last year.

A small community has already begun to grow around our user base and we hope to add to the ranks in the coming weeks. We’ve got mailing lists for users and developers to communicate with one another and with us.

We’re going out of our way to be open and forthcoming with everything you see at claimID. Identity is too important to play games and it’s too personal to cover with ads. Join us and help make claimID better.

Anyone see those ninjas this time around? Love that.

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