Immer wieder toll zu lesen 123suds

The Microsoft Engine Roars In CES Terrain

Bill Gates speech in CES – tiltled Vision for the Digital Lifestyle
exemplifies a far reaching vision with significant impact in the CES
landscape. Gates said that the incredible momentum around all these new
products and services shows that the digital lifestyle has truly gone
mainstream this year and that it’s time to bring together the
devices, software and services in people’s lives and take all
these experiences to the next level. Om Malik writing on the MTV’s Microsoft-powered Urge says that the online music service will be selling to the ultimate demographic: the teen set
MTV’s unlimited airtime resources will be hard to match for the
likes of Napsters, Yahoos and Reals of the world. Because in order to
match MTV’s sales channel, they will have to spend spend spend.
(Just like in the PC domain, Microsoft wants to be the
“engine?, get a piece of the action, while others simply
butt heads. )

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