gmail setup für ewizmo – ein toller service

gmail setup

To use with your GMail account,
here’s what to do.  If you don’t have a GMail account, you can
request an invitation from

1 Log into your GMail account.
2 Click Settings
3 Create as many labels of the
following labels as you wish to use (spell exactly as
indicated below):

  • Notes
  • Action
  • Action_Now
  • Action_Later
  • Reminders
  • Ideas
  • Thoughts
  • Archive
  • Bookmarks
  • Bibliography
  • Miscellaneous

Note: You
don’t have to create all labels, just the one’s you want to
use.  If you wish to suggest another label that you think
others would benefit from,
tell us and we’ll add it.

4 Create a filter for each labeled
email you want to keep organized. 
Call the filter ewizmo-label
label is Notes, To Do, Journal, Thought, Reminder, Bookmarks or
Miscellaneous (ex. ewizmo-notes).

In the To: field, enter your GMail address as follows:

For example:

GMail supports the + sign in email addresses, so this makes
an effective way to filter for email and label it using a

5 Click the Next button and select
the label you want to apply. In the above example, you would
select Notes.

Check the Skip Inbox
checkbox if you want your message to bypass the Inbox and get
archived immediately.

6 Click the Update Filter button
and you’re done.

That’s it!  Click here
to use ewizmo to Get Things Done with Email.


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