Semacode Toolkit is the most widely deployable tool for
ubiquitous computing in the world. Ubiquitous computing is a kind of
computing that connects elements of the real world and the virtual world
into and integrated program. Using the Toolkit software, you can build and
deploy ubiquitous applications and experiences to your own users.

Tagger SDK

Semacode Toolkit consists of a set of interlocked
Software Development Kits (SDKs) which make up the complete solution.

Tagger SDK
is the part that allows you to create and print an unlimited
number of semacode tags, which are the physical real-world elements in
our ubicomp system.

Reader SDK

Reader SDK is the complement to Tagger. It lets
you read tags using a variety of mobile phones and server-side systems, so
that you can hook your end users into the ubiquitous experience you are building.

Learn more about what hardware you can use


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