VITO ActiveTrace for Pocket PC

Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Software, posted 27-DEC-2005 09:09

VITO ActiveTrace for Pocket PC
VITO Technology is introducing its new VITO ActiveTrace software
for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone. The software is specially
designed to watch as the users‘ sports progress.

ActiveTrace records your track while you are performing sports
activities and keeps statistics with your achievements, such as max/min
speed, altitude, average speed, acceleration, overall time, distance,
calories burnt and some other activity dependant stats.

Use it to record tracks and have all the necessary stats displayed
on-line while a track is being recorded. This information is saved for
future references after you finished recording your track.

At any point of your trip you can exchange your coordinates with
friends via sms messages instead making it easier to look for each

There are several view modes available in VITO ActiveTrace, designed to
show different aspects of your activity and give you more specific

  • Trips view allows you to switch between different trips, record new
    ones and perform all the general actions like renaming or deleting your
    tracks, etc.
  • Track view displays your track and allows you to navigate
    along your track, zoom in/out, set pushpins. It also displays your
    friends’ coordinates as set pushpins or as moving pushpins if you
  • Statistics view displays your training results and can also
    switch to the track view to show the exact point on the track where you
    achieved for instance max speed.
  • Altitude and speed views graphically represent the altitude and the speed of your trip.

    The software is also available for Windows Mobile Smartphone.

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