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TinyUrl vs. URL123 Matt 17 Aug 2005


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In our email newsletter, we usually use TinyUrl.com to shorten links. It prevents us from having to send out long links like this:


The creator of url123.com just sent us an email describing the extra oomph his service provides though.

If you were to use URL123 instead of TinyUrl, you would be able to:

* update a short link if the destination link changes, without breaking the short link
* track how many clicks were made on each link
* give your links nicknames so you remember what they link to!
* customize your own subdomain [example – http://37signals.url123.com ]
* customize your short extensions [example – http://37signals.url123.com/SalonArticle ]

TinyUrl has none of these features, and we are adding more features
soon, including enterprise features specifically for email lists like
your own.

Link shortening can only get so sexy but this does sound like a step up.


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