Top 10 Ajax Applications

In an earlier post I highlighted 10 interesting Ajax applications (plus a few honorable mentions). Since then, I’ve come across many other individuals or teams who are all creating a new generation of interactive, highly functional, web-based applications. Unfortunately, some are still in stealth and, as such, I can’t write about them (I may later, though, so check back). Either way, here’s another batch of Ajax gems that are worth checking out.

Twelve this time, in alphabetical order:

  • Calendar: CalendarHub (via Scott). Create fully searchable, private or shared calendars. Includes group sharing, subscriptions, drag and drop GUI, RSS feeds, and web API.
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus: ObjectGraph Dictionary (via Jerry). Just what it sounds like…
  • Email: Zimbra (via KevinH). Complete application for e-mail, calendar, contacts and other communications technologies.
  • Email (2): Goowy. Flash based (no Ajax), but so elegant that I included it anyway.
  • Example code/widgets: The MidnightCoders (via MP). Variety of examples implemented in Ajax and Flash, including server invocation, database integration, and Google
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  • Flickr Viewer: Lightweight Flickr Viewer (via Mike). See your Flickr photos with a different interface.
  • Games: Boggle (via Logan). Free and fun.
  • Games (2): Babble (via Jamie Tibbetts). Like Boggle but a little different.
  • Instant Messenger: Meebo Multi-client IM. Very nicely done-maybe I can get rid of Trillian?
  • Instant Messenger (2): Treehouse Chat (via Treehouse Cityguide). Nice Ajax chat. Less practical than Meebo as it doesn’t connect to existing IM servers, though.
  • To do list: TuDu (via Julien Dubois). Includes RSS feeds and complete source code.
  • Spell Checker: Garrison Locke (via Paul). Built by Garrison Locke. Very nicely done. Includes link to source code.

Please feel free to post other ideas in the comments section.


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