Die neue Google API für die Homepage


Google Homepage API

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Google Desktop API
Write handy plug-ins for Google Desktop Search.

Google Maps API
Embed Google Maps in your webpages and add your own overlays.

Create a Module for the Google Homepage

The Google Homepage API is our effort to open the Google homepage to developers. Use it to turn your web content or application into modules that users can add to their personalized homepage. You can also develop features that affect other aspects of the page, such as font and color schemes.

The Homepage API doesn’t require any downloads, and was designed to be flexible and easy to use:

1 Write a module
The Developer Guide walks through how to use the Google Homepage API to write a module. At a basic level, a module is just an XML file that wraps existing web content or applications.
2 Submit your module
Once you’ve completed a module, you can submit it to request its inclusion in the directory, which we’re hoping to fill with high-quality modules that are useful and fun for personalized homepage users.
3 Enjoy the fruits of your labor
You can then add your module to your Google homepage — and be sure to let your friends know, so they too can benefit from your hard work and revel in your web development skills.
Weather Map

Sample module using the
Google Homepage API. See more.

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