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Posted by Dan Grossman on November 29th, 2005

From the MIT Media Lab: the I/O Brush. The idea is relatively simple. Take a regular paint brush and then add a tiny video camera, a few LEDs, and a pressure sensor to trigger image capture. Combine this with a touch-screen, and you get a device that can „paint“ color, texture, and […]

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Silicon Valley’s Hiring War-And The Impact to Startups

Posted by Dan Grossman on November 23rd, 2005

The WSJ has a good article on Silicon Valley’s war for talent (paid registration required, unfortunately), which has been driven largely by Google, eBay, Yahoo, and Amazon.

Google, for example, is apparently hiring about 10 people a day. To do so, the company has increased the size of its recruiting team to about […]

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The New Web 2.0 Bubble: The Pixel Wars

Posted by Dan Grossman on October 21st, 2005

Lots of discussion lately about a new „web 2.0 bubble“.
While most of us fully understand both the theory underlying investment bubbles and the potential for wealth-destruction, human behavior is such, it seems, that we often can’t avoid getting into bad situations. Of course, it’s hard to recognize a bubble until it’s too […]

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BlogOn: The Death of Central Control, Tags, and Privacy

Posted by Dan Grossman on October 17th, 2005

I’m at the BlogOn conference today and tomorrow. My takeaways so far:

From a panel with Jeff Jarvis: centralized control over brand and community identity is no longer possible. This is an interesting, scary, and empowering idea. Think about it: until recently, companies (especially large ones) could generally define and control their […]

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