Webmonkey Radio Podcast

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by Michael Calore


Friday, 16 December 2005
Webmonkey Radio Podcast
Topic: general

Yep, that’s right. Webmonkey Radio is back, now in podcast form!

Webmonkey Radio started in 1998 as a short-format interview and news show produced by our very own Jeff Veen. WMRadio went the way of the ghost when Jeff left to start his new company, but now we’re bringing it back to life.

The decision to revive WMRadio came about when I began writing a tutorial on Podcasting. The tutorial should be up on the main site within the next couple of days, but for now, you can enjoy the program that I painstakingly created for the article.

This month’s podcast is about lossless audio compression. In November, I wrote an article on Webmonkey about lossy compression (which was re-printed at Wired News on December 9th as part of the „Audiphiles Unite“ package), and I received a great deal of feedback. Most of the feedback had to do with AAC files, which I commented on in a previous blog post. But there were also a dozen or so emails asking what the deal was with lossless audio compression. So, this podcast is sort of a follow-up to that article.

In the future, we’ll be bringing you interviews, news, and follow-ups to Webmonkey article topics on a semi-regular basis. Our next podcast will be after the new year, when the Macworld conference rolls through town.

You can download the podcast from our node on OurMedia.org, or you can subscribe to it by following the link to our channel at Odeo.com at the top of this entry.


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