More on the Yahoo versus Google Strategy

Posted by Ken Yarmosh

When Yahoo! acquired last week, I made the following observation:

„Google seems to mainly be building its Web 2.0 world. Yahoo! appears to be buying it. Neither strategy appears to be the winner just yet but Yahoo! sure is trying to make the case with deals like this one.“

Matt Linderman of 37signals points to a similar thought articulated by Jason Kottke:

„There’s an interesting story in here somewhere about how Yahoo! is hiring/buying the „alpha geeks“ (hackers, tinkerers, accidental entrepreneurs) and Google seemingly isn’t (Ph.Ds, computer scientists) and what effect that could have on each company’s development.“

Matt goes on:

„So what do you think? An oversimplification or are the two companies involved in an academics vs. in-the-trenches entrepreneurs showdown? If so, wouldn’t you rather have the people who know how to make money over the people who know how to write research papers? Is Google slipping in comparison to Yahoo? Are Google’s acquisitions of companies like Pyra and Dodgeball being overlooked?“

The topic boasted much discussion. The first comment, by „Bryce“, puts the debate into a comical light:

„Ah, we do love our easy-to-follow polarizations, don’t we? Yahoo-v-Google is just like this year’s Apprentice! It’s Book Smarts versus Street Smarts!“


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