Windows Live Mail

04 Dezember
Demo of Safety Improvements in Windows Live Mail
Posted by Imran Qureshi
Windows Live Mail is designed around three core tenets:
1. Faster
2. Simpler
3. Safer
We spent a lot of time a year ago and reinvented how safety is done and communicated in email services. After we added external beta users about nine months ago, we kept iterating on our design from listening to our beta users.
In the M4 (Milestone 4) update that we released last week, we improved on the safety and spam experience in Windows Live Mail even more. You can watch the video below to find out what we learned and how we improved and you’ll also get to meet some of the people, including me, who worked on this.
Hope you like this glimpse into the development process at Windows Live Mail and see how important all our beta users are in helping shape the future of Windows Live Mail.
If you have any questions about this feature or other WLM features, you can send me mail at (replace „x“ with a „.“(period) before sending – this is to avoid spammers getting a hold of this address via web crawling). please do not send me email about getting on the beta – use the web site below.
If you are not on the beta program, the ONLY way to get added is to get on the waiting list at Posting a comment here will NOT get you on the beta any faster. And please be patient – we have a large number of people on the waiting list.

Imran Qureshi

Windows Live Program Manager


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