Bamberg in der Welt ;-)

German rail commuters are being taught yoga and relaxation techniques on their journeys to and from work in a campaign to reduce stress.

Passengers de-stressing
Commuters learning how to de-stress on the ‚wellness‘ trains

Teams of yoga instructors and physiotherapists have been placed on so-called „wellness“ trains in southern Germany. They are laying their hands on workers with cricked necks and backaches, giving hand and shoulder massages and teaching relaxation methods that can be used at home or in the office.

Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s state-owned railway, decided to offer the relaxation techniques as part of a widespread drive to calm an anxious workforce and get commuters off the roads.

Germans are among the most anxiety-prone workers in Europe.

With unemployment at a post-war high and job security now viewed as a past luxury, workplace angst has been rising dramatically.

A recent European Union study showed that 28 per cent of German workers are „highly stressed“, compared to 20 per cent in Britain.

At the main station in Nuremberg, a team of white-clad health instructors boarded a commuter train to Bamberg, much to the bemusement of passengers taking the 45-minute trip……

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