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Wikilaw’s goal is to build the largest open-content legal resource in the world. To accomplish this goal, Wikilaw needs your help! We encourage all law professors, practitioners, and students to share their knowledge.

Currently, there are roughly 1,000,000 lawyers in the United States. If every lawyer in America contributed a fraction of their legal knowledge to this site, Wikilaw would become one of the largest libraries of legal information in the world.

However, unlike other libraries, there are no geographic or financial barriers to accessing this information. Everything on this site is free!

Wikilaw was founded with this goal. Please contribute to Wiki-Treatises, Wiki-Law-Review, Wiki-Law-Dictionary, Wiki-Motions, and Democracy 2.0 found below.

You do not need to create an account or Log In to begin editing, all that’s needed is knowledge. Please, help us fulfill this mission!



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