Google mobile Maps

Detailed directions
Need help getting around town? Simply type or select a starting and destination address, and you can view your route and step-by-step directions directly on the map.

To get directions, press „Menu,“ then highlight „Directions“ and press OK. (Alternatively, press „Menu,“ then 2 on your keypad to select „Directions.“)
From here you can choose your starting and destination address in one of three ways. To type an address or zip code, highlight „Type an address“ and press OK. Alternatively, select an actual point on the map – just highlight „Select point on map“ and press OK. Or just highlight one of your recent places and press OK.
After choosing a starting and destination address, a summary window will show your address choices, and estimate the total traveling distance. To start navigating turn-by-turn, press 3 on the keypad, and your route will display on the map itself.
While navigating your route, press 3 and 1 on your keypad to see the next and previous turns, respectively.
Integrated search results
If you want to find, say, the nearest pizza joint, enter „pizza“ in the search box, followed by your desired location. Nearby pizza places will appear as markers on your map. Select a marker and you’ll see a text balloon with the business name, address and phone number, with links offering you directions to and from it.

To find a local business, press „Menu,“ then highlight „Search“ and press OK.
You can either type your search, or select from a list of recent searches. In this example we’re looking for pizza places near Cambridge, MA, so „pizza 02138“ should do.
Once your search results appear on the map, use 1-9 on your keypad to move between them. Pressing the same number key twice will display additional options for that search result, including driving directions and the ability to call a business directly.
(To clear the map after conducting a search, just press „Menu,“ then highlight „Clear Map“ and press OK.)
Easily movable maps
Google’s interactive maps are draggable, so you can quickly explore the farther reaches of the area you’re looking at. You can zoom in and out, and move left, right, up or down to orient yourself visually.

To move the map in any direction, press the corresponding directional key on your phone. On most phones, directional keys border the center or OK key.
To zoom in, press the center or OK key. A rectangle will outline the section of the map you’re zooming in on.
To zoom out, press „Zoom -.“ The existing map will temporarily shrink, making room for more map information.
(To move directly to a specific location, press „Menu,“ then highlight „Move Map“ and press OK. Type an address or select from a list of recent places, and Local for mobile will move to your desired location.)
Satellite imagery
Want to see what a location looks like from the air? Google Local for mobile provides satellite and aerial images of your old haunts and new favorites. Just select „Map View“ or „Satellite“ from the application menu to switch between Map and Satellite view.
To see satellite imagery, press „Menu,“ then highlight „Satellite“ and press OK.
To switch back to map view, press „Menu,“ then highlight „Map View“ and press OK.