Yahoo integrates RSS into email and alerts – R…

Yahoo integrates RSS into email and alerts – RSS everywhere!

Posted by Richard MacManus @ 12:19 pm

Last night Yahoo! announced they are integrating an RSSReader into the new Yahoo! Mail service, currently in beta andinvitation-only. You can select from a list of popular feeds, such asNY Times and, or manually enter a feed URL. It has (or willhave soon) features such as ability to forward posts via email, alittle „gleam“ when there is updated RSS content, a „river of news“view that shows you all posts from all of your feeds from newest tooldest, and lots more.

Yahoo! has also launched feed alerts,a feature built on the Yahoo! Alerts platform that notifies you ofemail, IM, or mobile phone when a blog or other feed you’ve subscribedto updates or changes.

Senior Director of Personalization Products at Yahoo! Scott Gatz explained:


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