IRIS Semantic Desktop
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Integrate. Relate. Infer. Share.

IRIS is a semantic desktopapplication framework that enables users to create a “personalmap” across their office-related information objects. IRISincludes a machine-learning platform to help automatethis process.  It provides “dashboard” views,contextual navigation, and relationship-based structure across anextensible suite of office applications, including a calendar, weband file browser, e-mail client, and instant messaging client.

IRIS serves as the knowledge store and user interface for the CALO research project at SRI International.

Open Source Release

OpenIRIS will be released in January 2006 as open source, under an LGPL license.

Small IRIS Screen Shot

Read more about IRIS or check out the screenshots.  More information will appear here as the release approaches.  Feel free to subscribe to the news feed (RSS) to get updates.



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