Flock Road Map

Suddenly our website is live, and behold – it is linking to one of my 3 WordPress accounts courtesy of Matt. Hello World.A quick Introduction – my name is Anthony Young, and I am Flock’s lead developer and product manager. I wanted to write a post to give some visibility into what exactly we are doing in the trenches here at the Flock Garage.Today, we have released a pre-preview version of our Web Browser – yes, it is rough around the edges (thanks to all of you brave folks who have tried it out!), but our ears have been open to our brave users. For the next week, we will be working hard to address the most pressing issues with our early release. So, sometime next week expect a sparkly new .5 Preview Release – which will include many bug fixes, as well as a few more important features:1. Syncing your collections to del.icio.us – so that you can access them from anywhere2. Support for LiveJournal and whatever other services we can test between now and next week3. Importing of bookmarks from FirefoxBeyond this next release, we have a lot of cool plans in store – I’ll update with an outline of this Road Map in the near future:)

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